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Hey Guys I need help from those of you who have served in either the Air Force or Navy. Though I am an RAF Cadet, there is still a possibility of changing services and I recently had a conversation with a Naval Liaison Officer who discussed careers in the Navy. I would love to fly as an Officer in the RAF but I would also love to help in commanding a ship as a Naval Officer. Do you have any advice as to which service is the best to join between the Navy and Air Force?
I'm not sure if you are asking about the RAF or the USAF...but I can give you the perspective from the USAF side of things:

Id join and fly for the USAF, and not have to worry about commanding a ship, unless life and death over 300+ sailors really is what you want.

Positive side to Air Force life:

1. Non-moving warm bunk to come back to after sorties.

2. You don't have to worry about the landing strip leaving the surface due to torpedo or bomb poisoning.

3. Availability to land based pub or bar after the missions done.

4. If you have to bug out, at least you have a all points land run to provide a means of escape.

5. A relationship with a family is still possible at other than six months intervals.

6. The uniforms are a little less expensive.

7. Then theres that water thing again: running, with the potential of being armed and able to fight against the two legged hazards, beats swimming in shark infested seas.

8. On land, you would have a lot longer runway, with less dependance on wires made by the lowest bidder to stop you from becoming fish food.

9. No Captains Mast: enough said.

10. No need to invest in dramine's corporate structure for relief.

Positive side to navy Airwing activities:

1. You can see the world. Most of its water. Trust me on this.

2. Liberty in strange places, with different people.

3. You never run out of things that have to be done.

4. The scenery always changes. Alot.

5. Those great customs...crossing the line ceremonies, becoming a dual hemi-sphere veteran..and the annual floggings.

6. A direct prayer line to God...via the Captain as his representative.

7. Fire drills take on a whole new meaning....

8. You do Learn a whole new vocabulary...Bulkhead, deck, head, and BOHICA....

9. Landing on a moving platform at stopping from 150 MPH to zero in 1.5 seconds adds years to your life

10. You never have to worry about where you left the car keys... :D
Thanks Mark for the advice, your point about the six month voyages is a big disadvantage to joining the Navy. As I have much more experience with the RAF and the preferred choice of becoming a transport pilot, I think it would be a bad decision to join the Navy and in a few years times I'd probably regret any decision to move anyway. Thanks again for your advice, you've helped me retrieve my ambition and determination to join the Air Force as oppose to the Navy, ask me in a few years time and I'll tell you how it went.
The biggest advantage to being a Naval Aviator as opposed to being an Air Force pilot is that you will be a better flier ,BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO BE!!!
Yes..because airport runways dont move or normally become fish food if the wrong visitor comes a knocking...Glad to see you know the difference between an aviator and a pilot, according to the Navy anyway. :D
To set the record straight.US Air Force pilots are the best it's just that Navy pilots are better. I have flown with both . On my flight from Clark Field to Da Nang my AF flight was delayed because of heavy rain. On the flight from Da Nang to the USS Ranger we hit the 2nd wire in heavy seas during the onset of a monsoon.That's what I base my opinion on.The next day was a bluebird day for the helo ride to my new duty station on the USS Belknap(a destroyer leader) on Yankee Station.We picked up several AF pilots while stationed on South SAR. Used to like busting AF Captains by calling them Lieutenant.They didn't seem to care for the lax protocol that is prevelant on US Navy destroyers.They all felt that they should have been saluted by the crew every time they encountered one of us. Hell, we didn't even salute the Old Man if we met him in a passageway.A simple acknowledgement sufficed.Now I see no need for interservice rivalries.We were all the best there was then just as our guys today are the best there is now.God Bless.
One thing the USAF relies too much on missles and technology ( F-22 is no exception) while the Navy has Top Gun and arguably better dogfighting.
Yo spacey!!

Hello mate,

Speaking as a SAC in the RAF, you could do worse, but on the same respect you could do better.
Worse would be Her Majestys British Army (sounds fancy dont it)
If you want to spend your life living in sub standard accomodation or tents join the Army
If you want to spend you life living in sub standard accomodation and the occasional hotel when you go abroad (if you make it to one of the few detachments that will let you live in hotels ie bahrain where I am at the moment) Join the RAF
If you actually want to see the world go away a lot and dont suffer from sea sickness join the Navy. A couple of my friends are in the navy and they love it the spend about 4 mths at home in a year and the rest of it is off all over the world various ports hong kong, kuwait, bahrain, america so you will see a lot of the world, but it depends on what trade you want to do if you want to fly train with the RAF become an officer you can always retrade at a later date after a couple of years to the Navy or even transfer to the Australian air force so the sky is the limit
If you want any more info give me a shout and I will try and sort it out for you, but trust me on this dont join as a TCO (Telecommunications Operator) not a good idea trust me

Jay ;)