Navy Chief Charged In Theft Of $366,000 In Goods

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Norfolk Virginian-Pilot
February 12, 2009
By Tim McGlone, The Virginian-Pilot
NORFOLK--A Navy supply chief was charged this week in federal court with stealing more than $366,000 worth of computers, televisions and other items using a government-issued credit card.
Chief Petty Officer Antonio L. Allen, 36, of Chesapeake, was arrested Tuesday and released on $5,000 bond pending arraignment in U.S. District Court Wednesday. He was charged with conspiracy, theft of public property and making false statements.
A federal indictment unsealed this week accuses Allen of using a Navy credit card as if it was his own, buying hundreds of items, some for himself and some that he sold to others.
A co-defendant, Yokeia M. Gibbs, who worked under Allen’s supervision, has previously pleaded guilty to related charges and is serving a two-year prison term.
Soon after taking over as supply chief at the Norfolk Naval Station bachelor housing command in the summer of 2005, Allen began using a government credit card for his own benefit, the indictment says.
Items such as big screen HD televisions, computers, camcorders and digital cameras were purchased on the credit card, delivered to a Navy warehouse and removed by Allen or others, the indictment says.
Allen is accused of keeping some items, giving some away as gifts and selling others. He would allow petty officers to remove from the warehouse beds and other furniture without proper authorization, according to the indictment.
In 2006, the indictment continues, Allen used the credit card for thousands of dollars in fees for real estate investment seminars.
When confronted with the allegations in 2007, he lied to Navy investigators about the unauthorized purchases, the indictment says.
Allen could not be located for comment and he had no attorney listed in his court file.