nato symbol


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wondering if there is a nato symbol that defines a ground recce squad. Ground recce is a recce squad with offensive capabilities. :roll:

And I cant remember the english word for an OP... the nato symbol is a triangle with a diagonal line.
I think the English word for OP is ............. (*silence*)........... OP :D

I'm not quite sure what unit you are looking for, you can write it in Norwegian, and I'll try to find it.

But I believe the one you are talking about may be Armored Cavalry.. (?)
Damn... having a bad day... :cen:
The symbol for an an op is a triangle
artillery op is a triangle with a dot inside (no need telling redleg this :) )
This is a truangle (op), but with a diagonal line inside.
Thats what Im looking for. :shock:

And now some norwegan: :lol:
Fra i år skal alle i jegerbn være grund recce lag.
De skal utdannes spesielt for utenlandstjeneste.
Vanskelig å forklare :?
Ahh, I see... :)

I think the correct NATO symbol to use for that unit would be the one for motorized reconnaissance

or the normal/basic reconnaissance symbol

Motorized would probably be the most correct one, since you wïll use jeeps and other terrain vehicles.
I suppose it is that simple... hehe
I was probably thinking too complicated :?

But the triangle with a diagonal line....
Maybe I should draw one for ya :)
I know about the triangle symbol.. :)

The "basic" one is for any OP, but the one with a diagonal line in it is used for "jeger"/reconnaissance OPs.