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I noticed that there's an Air Cav flag, just wondering if you can get ahold of Armored Cav as well.
Isn't Armored Cav the same as mechanized Infantry?
I don't think there's any of the NATO symbols which are called Armored Cavalry.

Please correct me if I'm wrong.
No, it's seperate. But yeah, I was kind of thinking that that might be the case, but I think I'll survive.
What kind of vehicles does Armored Cav use?
I'm not familiar with that unit type.
They have the Abrams M1 series, and their scout elements use Humvees.

To be honest, I'm not any expert in this, so for more information you might want another source, but I will look up what I can on their equipment.
If they use the Abrams wouldn't the Armored symbol be the right one to use?
Hell, I don't know, now I'm confused as all get out, thanks a lot, man :lol: . Armored Cav has a different mission than Armor and are in their own units. I think I'll do a little more research on this before I make an ass of myself.
this is Armored->

this is Armored Cav.-->
I know what Armored Cav is, we have that in Norway too. :oops: (I just mixed up a couple of definitions in my head...)

Armored Cavalry uses the same NATO symbol as Mechanized Reconnaissance:

Because they are doing combat reconnaissance....

And if you split it into troops they use the troops map symbols:
Mechanized Infantry:


Reconnaissance, Mechanized:


And some also have Air Cavalry:

I'll add Armored Cavalry to the PX now....
Thanks guys. I appreciate that, Guardsman, I was starting to think I'd gone nuts, but I guess I was just wrong haha.
Anyone ever seen the movie Courage Under Fire with Denzel Washington? He plays a Col. In an armored Cav unit during Desert Storm.