National Guard to Active Duty (unique situation) Help!!!!


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I am in a unique situation I have been in the Army National Guard for 6 years as a 63B. I enlisted 17Jul98 and I went to Basic when I graduated high school Aug99 at Ft. Benning, GA. I was enrolled in college prior to attending basic training, so after basic training, I went back home and started attending college. I went to phase I at a reserve school for my MOS (63B) in lue of drill for like 6 months. I went to phase II in place of AT for two weeks at Ft. Hood, Texas. So to make a long story short I never went to Active Duty AIT. I never thought any thing of it because that is what I was told to do. Now it comes to the present I was mobilized to Active Duty and have been since May 2003. My enlistment for the National Guard is complete 16Jul04. I want to go straight from this mission to Active Duty. I want to enlist in the MOS 74 B, but since I have never been to an active duty AIT, 6 years later I find out I am not MOSQ, which is fine because I want to go into 74 B anyway. I have civilian experience in the computer field I am a trained Gateway computer tech and salesman and I also have 71 college credits. So what is going to happen when I go active duty. Can I do a seamless transition from this mission into active duty and then go straight to AIT for 74B. What is going to happen to my rank and family??? I need anyones help. Thanks
Unfortunately you will have to attend AIT before you go to your permanent party. You'll go as whatever rank you last held on active duty. If your last active duty assignment was Basic Training and you were only an E-1, your not going to like the answer. By the time you graduate your AIT for 74B however, you have the possibilkity of being paid E-2 with 6 years. Your years still count as far as pay, just not as far as active duty. So basically, whatever rank you held when you left basic training will be the rank you'll hold again. You will get the BAS and BAQ i believe for your family, and you'll be able to sign them up for DEERS or whatever (never been married so I dont know all the family benefits) I did the Reserves to regular and this is how it went. Good luck and Godspeed.
No kidding huh, so my promotions dont count??? Since March '03 I have been serving on active duty as a SPC. Does that count for anything. My orders for basic are E-1. My family is already in Deers, I want to do what they call a seamless transistion, from the guard to Active Duty. If it is true that I will only be and E-2, is there any point in me going to PLDC if I get the opportunity while I am on mission.