National Guard to Active Duty (Unique Situation) Help!!!


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I am in a unique situation I have been in the Army National Guard for 6 years as a 63B. I enlisted 17Jul98 and I went to Basic when I graduated high school Aug99 at Ft. Benning, GA. I was enrolled in college prior to attending basic training, so after basic training, I went back home and started attending college. I went to phase I at a reserve school for my MOS (63B) in lue of drill for like 6 months. I went to phase II in place of AT for two weeks at Ft. Hood, Texas. So to make a long story short I never went to Active Duty AIT. I never thought any thing of it because that is what I was told to do. Now it comes to the present I was mobilized to Active Duty and have been since May 2003. My enlistment for the National Guard is complete 16Jul04. I want to go straight from this mission to Active Duty. I want to enlist in the MOS 74 B, but since I have never been to an active duty AIT, 6 years later I find out I am not MOSQ, which is fine because I want to go into 74 B anyway. I have civilian experience in the computer field I am a trained Gateway computer tech and salesman and I also have 71 college credits. So what is going to happen when I go active duty. Can I do a seamless transition from this mission into active duty and then go straight to AIT for 74B. What is going to happen to my rank and family??? I need anyones help. Thanks
Welcome to the forum, brahmagr, I am sure someone will be able to help you with your situation in the service questions forum (I noticed you have posted there too).