Nation state, Mil. empire, United PPL


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Nation state, Mil. empire, United PPL, what have you regarded China as?

interesting thing for me

need you comment.
I don't think you can call any state that has ever exist communist, least of the Stalinist modal.

I'd call in a Marxist Socialist State.
its interesting that they are opening thier doors to the world now.
it will be very intersting to see how this affects thier culture and thier government and people
they are a strong and powerful nation and if they are to grow i think they will have to start treating thier citizens with a bit more respect and compassion, and start by recognising the basica rights of a child etc
Thanks for all of your comments.

Mr. c/LtCdr said:
Militaristic Communist Totalitarian Dictatorship

Wow, What a complex description!