My story is short, but you may have a story worth reading


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Although my military "career" was cut dramatically short (medical discharge after a knee injury during basic), I still am proud to have proved to myself that I am not here playing armchair quarterback by suggesting we send troops into harm's way all over the world, without being willing to go myself.

I put on a uniform, picked up a weapon, and said that I would defend freedom. I applaud all of you who served long terms or tours of duty.

I want you to share your stories with me as well. My site solicits story submissions. Particularly I want to hear your war/military stories.

You may submit stories at, or you may contact us at for more information. There is no charge to post your stories. You may send your friends/family to see your posted stories after the story is approved.

Nathan Goodman, Army, 98 Bravo, Ft. Leonard Wood, MO.