My Intro..Why Not?


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I figured I might as well submit an introduction too.
This info is in my profile too but here goes.
I am retired from the U.S. Army. I retired as a First Sergeant after 22 years, all of which were spent in the Infantry in one capacity or another. I have been deployed to a number of places including tours in Vietnam and Desert Storm.
I have have held MOSs as a rifleman, indirect fire (mortars, 60mm,81mm,and 4 deuce), anti-armor (TOW), and air defense artillery. My last position was that of 1SG of a TOW Company.
That's about it folks.
I don't know how I failed to see this.

Welcome, Top - and a very sincere and respecful thank you for your service.

If you are ever out in NC, let me know - drinks are on me.