My faux pas


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All my funny military stories seem to involve me, and I'm not in the military! Sheesh.... :oops:

I was selling raffle tickets for my son's youth group, the Golden Gate Young Marines (its like a Sea Cadet, Devil Pup type group) about six months ago.

I have a friend in the Navy reserves and he invited me to sell my raffle tickets at their drill weekend. The Young Marines were rafflling off a WWII garand rifle.

When the Navy reserves were in formation, My son and I were introduced to them and asked to give my sales pitch. Right before I stared, my Navy friend told me to make sure I thanked the guy who o.k.'d my being there. He quickly gave me his name and rank.

So I introduced myself and explained about the Young Marines and the raffle, etc. etc. Last but not least I said "I would like to thank Sgt. Major M*** for having my son and I here today."

Needless to say, a roar of laughter came from the crowd. I was like "Wha'd I say? Wha'd I say?" My friend, who was standing next to me whispered "Its SENIOR CHIEF, not SGT MAJOR!"

I think I turned ten shades of red. All I could think to say was "Well did I at least give you a promotion?" That got a laugh from the crowd thank God...

So for the rest of the day, I heard every one who had to talk to the Senior Chief say "Hey, Sarge Maj...."

I think to this day, that's his nickname...
You might not want to waste all your smilies...

with me working around the Navy and Marines, there will be a lot more of these stories coming...

Oh great! Then I can write a book "How one blonde single handedly confused the entire Navy!" That book shouldn't take long to write!
Keep us informed about raffles like that . I sure would have bought $20 worth for a chance at a WWII M1 Garand.

I will, best I can. I know there are rules here about posting contents and so forth... That was one of the coolest raffles I ever participated in! Just from the Navy alone my son and I raised about $500. So I thank the Navy for that!