MOS Training Rules


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After i started getting my bills and everything together to send out my sailor and soldier's act papers to drop my interest and postpone payments while in RT, I spoke with my dad and he said that 24 years ago when he was in MOS training that he couldn't have his car during the length of his MOS training. From the things my SSGT told me my MOS training is 10 months. Now combine this with the 13 weeks that is will be at MRTD i will not see my car for more than a year. And if this is the case i will just sell the dang thing and avoid the payment. If anyone can verify this for me i would appreciate it. I have EVERY intention of asking my SSGT about this but he won't be back into the office until after new years.

Most MOS schools during my time did not allow POV's for students. Unless you were a Cpl or above on lateral move orders that authorized travel by POV.
Each MOS school has it's own regs. I know at the School of Infantry on ethier coast it's still in effect. No POV's. Most USMC run Schools are that way. Including the Detachments at Ft Sill, Ft L. Wood and FT Knox. So it's a pretty good bet you will be sans POV for that period. Where is your MOS training?
To my knowledge Division Schools at Camp Lejune do not authorize POV's . However the authorization or not will be on your orders.
well the information you gave me was true true true! I checked with my GNYSGT and he informed me that unless something changed over the holiday there was no MOS training that allowed POV. now of course he said there were always acceptions to the rule but at this point there wern't any MOS schools that allowed POV.