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Sgt Lou

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During one of the many 3rd Batallion Mike Co. Platoon 3081 Pit sessions one of the more motivated recruits was ordered to do mountain climbers till he died. He proceeded to do quite a few of them until the Drill Instructor had come out of his hooch to come to the position of attention. The angry drill instructor then proceeded to head on a collision course with the confident recruit. . . . his first question "WHAT THE F**K DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?" and his comfortable reply"THIS RECRUIT HAS REACHED THE TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN, SIR"

The Drill instructor (not wanting to let a recruit see him break his bearing) did an abrubt about face and went into his hooch. You heard a large burst of laughter while he and the other Drill instructors enjoyed the moment. After the Drill Instructor composed himself, he simply came out and told the recruit to Go back down. :firedevi:
HAHAAAAAAAAAA! I'm gonna remember that one! I think my favorite boot camp line was "YOU MAGGOTS ED ME OFF! BENDS AND THRUSTS FOREVER! READY... BEGIN!"
I'm currently in the delayed enlistment program for the Marine Corps and one day while we were doing PT, I got really lazy and i put my legs down during leglifts, so one of the Marines who was fresh out of bootcamp, came over to me, picked me up off the ground and put me in front of everyone, then he says, "what's your name boss" and i told him so he says "well Matthew just relax and lay down right there like your watching TV because obviously your to damn good to do leg lifts like everyone else"
"well Matt if there's anything i can get you just let me know, would like a pillow or a glass of water" then he walks over to the cooler and fills a cup up with ice cold water and sets it down in front of me. Most embarrassing moment of my life. For about a week everyone was pissed at me for making them do more work.

Note: i'm not a weak chump, it's just that we had just finished some 5 mile run and I was like dead, luckily though i wasn't the only who got some TLC treatment.
Pshaw! That's no excuse! Do you think Charlie's gonna care after he's chased you down for 5 miles? Do you think he'll stop and say, "Hey, he just ran 5 miles. He looks kinda tired, I'll leave him alone for a while"? No! He's gonna come right up behind you and slit your throat 'cause you're 'too tired' to fight anymore!

Phsaw...! 5 Miles my ass!

(BTW, I'm just messin' with ya'. :roll: )