More Artillery mottos..


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Some more latin ones

A few more to add:

PERSCINTILLIAM FLAMMA (Through the spark, the flame) 19th Field Artillery

CONJUNCTI STAMUS (United We Stand) 27th Field Artillery

VINCERE EST VIVERE (To Conquer is to Live), 101st Field Artillery

PER ANGUSTA AD AUGUSTA (Through Difficulties To Things Of Honor), 218th Field Artillery

All US Army Regiments

Some More Latin Ones

I think it is also worth noting that the motto Volens et Potens, Willing and Able, is the motto of many different units. In the US Army it is shared by the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) Artillery (or 101st DIVARTY) and the 4th Engineer Battalion.

I did some more research on the motto Volens et Potens. It turns out that this motto is also shared by the 320th Field Artillery (part of the 101st DIVARTY), the 7th Infantry and the 319th Regiment (formerly the 319th Infantry, but converted to a training regiment during the redesignation of the Army Reserve Divisions as Training Divisions during the early 1960s).