A kindergarten teacher asked her class to go home and get stories from their parents that have morals. The next day a little girl stood up and said, "We raise chickens and sell their eggs. One day we were going to the market to sell the eggs and we hit a bump. All the eggs fell out and broke."
What's the moral to that story," the teacher asked.
The little girl replied, "I guess it's don't keep all your eggs in one basket."

THe next little girl stood up and said, "We raise chickens too, but we sell them for meat. One day we had 12 eggs in an incubator and only 10 of them hatched."
"What's the moral of this story," the teacher asked.
"I guess it's don't count your chickens before they've hatched," said the little girl.

Then a little boy stood up and said, "My uncle Butch flew fighter planes in WWII. One day he had to make an emergency landing in enemy terrority. All he had in his plane was a little rum, a machine gun with a few rounds, and a machette. He drank the last of his rum and ran his plane right into the middle of 100 enemy men. He killed 70 of them then his machine gun ran outta ammo. Then he killed 20 of them with his machette, but it broke. He killed the last of them with his bare hands."
"What's the moral to your story," the teacher asked.
"Don't F**K with uncle Butch when he's been drinking," the little boy replied with pride.

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