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MilTalk Radio Contest!
A US Army Rangers trivia will soon be posted here with REAL prizes!

5 difficult Ranger questions, and the first 4 who PMs me the correct answers will win one month FREE on MilTalk Radio!! :)

It will cost you 10 MilBucks to PM me an answer....

Ok, here we go... :D


1. All 5 answers must be in one (1) PM to me!
2. Make a donation of 10 MilBucks to me, and add the answers to the donation message.
(Donation link located under my username here)
3. Corrections can be PMed (donated) to me later, but it costs 5 MilBucks pr. correction.
4. The 4 first who PMs me the correct answers will win a one month free subscription to MilTalk radio.
5. In (the unlikely) event that less than 4 members has 5 correct answers, the the prize will go to the first one with 4 correct ones (and then 3,2 etc...)
6. A 5th prize will be given away to a random member, with 5 correct answers, if more then 4 has 5 correct answers..

The questions will be posted in a few hours from now, make sure you understand the rules, post here if you have any questions to them!

Good luck! :D
Ok, here's the questions:

1. How far back can we trace the Army Rangers?

2. When was the "modern" Rangers formed (date/year), who commanded them, and where were they organized (City and/or country)?

3. Name at least 5 different operations (with country and year) that the Rangers were involved in.

4. How many Ranger companies were founded during the Korean War?

5. Who is the author of the Ranger Creed?

Good Luck :D

The contest ends sometime tomorrow evening (Norwegian time)

And remember DON'T post the answers here!! Read the rules above.. ;)
Going to bed now, hope to see some more answers in the morning..

Good luck.. :D

PS. read the rules in the first post.. ;)
No one???

Too hard? ;)

you have about 24 hours to PM me the answers now..
If anyone wants to take a shot at the questions, but doesn't have the milbucks - PM me, I will provide them for you.
Ok, received som answers..

But keep'em coming, still not 5 members with correct answers..

Entry fee reduced to 10 MilBucks.. :D

Hint: Try ;)
Ok guys, the time is running out now, please PM me your answers as fast as you can.. :D
Still not 5 with the corrects answers.. :)

You can still win a one month subscription if you hurry.. :D
PM me the answers even if you don't know the answer to all 5 of them, you can still win!

Still not to late..

Anyone?? Please!! :D

Got several answers, but not 5 with 5 correct ones yet..
And the contest goes on... :D

Still not 4 members with 5 correct answers..

The contest runs until Saturday 19 june, or when we 4 members with all the correct answers..

Good luck! :)
Nope, not too late yet..

We're having some "technical" problems with opening new accounts on the radio (without a paypal account), so I've not been able to get the free ones yet.

And we have not received 5 correct answers either... :)

US Army rangers this month, AirTalk next month, and TankTalk after that.
So start PM me your answers.. :)

All "old" radio shows are stored, and you can listen to them whenever you wan to. (if you have an account.. )

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