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Added a simple chat function to the forum today.

You can find it at the bottom of the index page, under the online status.
I may move the chat status and chat login to the forum status soon.

You must be logged in to chat, and you use your own Nickname there.

I have a couple more chat scripts, but I'll test and see if this ones works ok first.

Good luck with your Chating.. :D
And the chat is already upgraded to a new and improved version..

In this chat version you can choose text color, send URLs etc...

More help available on the chat
Moved the Chatbox to the top of the Index page.
Should be easier to find out who's online now.
Added a new milchat today.

It's just a temporary chatscript that I plan to integrate into the forum later.
You'll have to create a new user account there now, but hopefully you'll be able to go directly to the chat, using your forum username/password, when I'm done with it..

Read the tutorial on the first page of the chat for some hints and tips.

Enjoy.. :)
Yet another chat added now..

This time it's a flash IRC chat.

You will enter using your own Username.
It's only open to logged in members.

Hope you like it (and that it works...) :)