MilForum Arcade and Activity Centre (Online Games)


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The old MilForum Arcade have been replaced with a (much better?) Activity centre now.

There's not many games there right now, but I have a lot more I'm going to add later this week.

There are several new features in there compared to the old arcade.

The trophy system:
Each time you get a highscore you win a trophy.
I can enable a milbucks prize for each trophy, but I haven't done it yet.
The number of trophies each member have can be seen in his/hers profile.
You can leave a comment each time you win a trophy.

Trophy Challenge mode:
Not enabled (yet).
you can challenge the current trophy owner, and the winner of the next game get's the trophy.
Instructions will be PMed to you.

Gambling Page/Challenge members:
You can challenge other members for fun, or for milbucks (max 100).
Instructions will be PMed to you.

Rate Games:It's possible to rate each game on a scale from 1-10.

You can add your favorite games to you favorites list, so it will be easy to find them again. (if I install a lot of new games)

There are also several other features, but it's easiest to play a bit with the activity cetre and find it out yourself.

Please post any questions you may have in the questions forum.

Enjoy! :D
Let Me Entertain You... :cool:

Added all 6 Yetisports games, plus one bonus yeti game.
Also added a more advanced shooter, Spec Ops.

All new games costs 10 milbucks because they are pretty resource hungry (around 1mb each)

Enjoy! :D
Added several new games now, including many of the classics from the old arcade.. (Pacman, Space invaders etc..)

5 MilBucks pr game.

Enjoy.. :)
All highscores have been reset today!

I've changed the prices of every game to just 3 MilBucks now, since the new server got a much higher monthly bandwidth quota.. :)

One new feature added as well.
You will now win 5 MilBucks each time you get a highscore!!

More games will be added soon.

Good luck, and enjoy! :D
Upgraded the Arcade to a new version today.

A couple of new features have been added:

A new line have been added to the stats of each game.
If you win the trophy, then you'll also run away with the Jackpot for that game!! :D
The jackpot increases with 3 MilBucks each time someone plays the game, at it will continue to increase until someone beats the highscore.
(or I reset it.. :twisted: )

Simple Games Chat
A very simple chat script you can use when your online in the arcade.
You can find it under "Games Chat Log" on top/left of the Game Stats & Info menus.

It's also possible to leave a comment each time you play a game now, not just when you have won a trophy (like in the "old" arcade).

Enjoy! :D
Added a few more games in the Arcade now, including the original Donkey Kong.. :D
Updated the Arcade (Online Games) to a new version now.
Several new features have been added, just "play around" in there and you should be able to find them..

Also added a couple of new games (without score recording!).
More games will be added soon.

Enjoy.. :)