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Works for me - especially the part about no per character awards. That would only encourage long, and most likely very dull, postings. :)

One guy got 53 milbucks for one post....
And it didn't work properly either.
You got too much pr character....
These MilBucks is annoying me as hell, Just because I want like, Alot of them.

But they are fun too, they make a challenge for me.

Not that I wouldn't want to be without them, that would be boring.

But when you have 11 MilBucks after buying your Avatar or whatever.

Then you get pissed off.

But it keeps you going too.

It's a great idea!

I love it!! :D

Even though I always loose on those damn MilBucks games..
More features using MilBucks will be added later.
I think you may like a couple of them a lot... :D

I will soon also make it possible to win MilBucks in the Arcade, by getting high scores, and highscores.. :)
i think its cool, i hadn't been on in a long time, and the next thing i knew i was like milbucks? gear? wtf/ COOL! hehe, anyways