Milan Missle


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Who in the world would want to lug that thing around? I don't really understand it's purpose either. The article mention that it was a new anti-tank missle, but i think the French and Germans have some better (more mobile at least) anti-tank weapons than this. A Tandem warhead? Why? Near the bottom of the article they said it could be used on various vehicles. If the primary objective of a mission is to destroy a vehicle, aren't there better ways than this missle? Unless this thing has an amazing distance, i can't see why they wouldn't simply send in a squad with a LAW, or a demo expert?
The tandem warhead destroys the reactive armor. Of cours we have better missiles, but its cheaper to upgrade a weapon, than to buy a complete new one. And as you surely know our government is not spending lots of money on our army.
The Milan is not planned for attack missions. Its an self defence weapon. On my tank I would use the Milan only if i had no other choice. We have that weapon in every platoon, but we all hate it. Its just to slow....13s for 2000m... in that time a MBT could shoot twice at you. and with its 18kg its just too heavy to carry it over long distances. But its good for hunting APCs
You think a MILAN is slow - try a Dragon! Worse, try draging a Dragon around instead of a MILAN. These are the two main reasons why the US worked so hard to develop the Javelin AT missile (not the ADA missile of the same name made in the UK - nice weapon though it is).

The penetrating power of a shaped charge warhead is related to the diameter of the warhead and a larger diameter produces a more powerful explosive jet with greater penetration. Most Light Antitank Weapons only have a 66 to 90mm diameter warhead and can't penetrate as well as the 115mm warhead on the MILAN (any model). Plus, the MILAN has beter sights, fire control and range.
Whatever works for you is OK by me if it gets the business done! Last I looked, Sweden has some pretty smart folks running their Army and I am sure you can find or produce something to meet your needs with no help required.
BILL 2 systems that are allready developed ;)
And MBT LAW system :)

Awell as other types of anti armor stuff...
I did a Color Guard at Raytheon (the company that produced the Javelin) last year for their celebration of the weapon system's performance in combat, and some of the accounts of this performance were read, including one where a light platoon sized element held a pass (I believe it was the Baca Pass, I've been trying to find the papers, but no love yet) against an Iraqi armored column with the Javelin being their heaviest weapon system, and Humvees their most armored vehicle. They destroyed 18 enemy vehicles with 19 missiles, but that was with two missiles hitting one vehicle simultaneously.

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A friend of mine was in the Gulf during the warfighting period with the RM and they fired a lot of MIlan out there - he reackons the sucess rate must have been between 70 - 80 %. I recently met the team running hte trails for Milan's replacement and the general feeling was that Javelin was good, Spike from Israel was better, but that the government was going to plump for Javalin for political reasons - special relationship et al.