Mid-90's USMC Reenacting - Need Information


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Hi guys, me and my friends are playing airsoft,trying to reenact the 1/7 USMC of the mid 90s. Can anybody advise me any links where can I find as much about the gear as possible,or your personal knowledge? I want to know which bags where used with the FLC molle system,if just MOLLE bags or any others too,then which weapons they use-for example medic had m16a2 only, or other gun m4a1 etc., used materials for BDUs in that time,and all the parts of the equipment which/weren't used.

thank you very much for any info.

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What year? Molle was general issue until about 96 97. Before that it was standard 782 gear.
Navy Corpsman the Marine Corps has no medics were issued the M9 service pistol.
1/7 is an infantry bn the standard issue would be the M-16A2.