Microsoft vs. MikeRoweSoft


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This is a bit old news, but some of you may not have heard about it before....

Anyway I think this is very interesting and great fun.. :D

This guy, Mike Rowe (17), had this website and was very happy with that..
But one day the big bad wolf, Let's call it Microsoft, didn't like mikes name, and threatened to sue him if they didn't get it for $10...

But Mike didn't give up that easy, and hired some lawyers to help him out, and he got a LOT of media coverage, on CNN, BBC and most major news sites, and because of that he suddenly got several houndred thousand visitors pr. day..
And the story ended with Microsoft giving Mike a Xbox and a whole lot of other nice stuff, and Mike was very happy with the whole deal, and with all of his new friends on his site..
(and a LOT more $$$$ in his pocket..)
Read the stories here:
(and you can find a lot more info about this on every news site...)

But Mike was a smart kid, and he decided to auction of the letter he got from Microsoft on Ebay..
It's three days left of the auction, and the bids were up to $20,000,000!!! :shock:
But it turned out that some of those bids were fake, so he has started over again today, with only verified bidders..
Already up to $8,300 now, and I guess it will rise to over 20 times that much before the auction ends..
Not a bad deal for a domain name worth $8...

Why can't anyone sue me for (and I'll win of course...), and give me a lot of free PR on CNN, BBC, etc... :?
Haha my girlfriend was telling me about that during a super bowl commerical yesterday i and i was like "Thats the stupidest thing you ever said"