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Hello guys is it correct that the Mi-24 Hind-E was or is one of the worlds heaviest armed and protected attack helicopters? Anyone with any good links for the chopper maby with movies or sutch? Or just knowledge Send me a postcard: :sniper: Im not talking about the worlds best up-to-date technology here now :lol: . Armed and protected. And anyone that knows about the military conflicts these helicopters have been involved in? I am curious to hear about what happened to the helicopters?


Doc, I know you must know this :D

Everything about Mi-24:

But Mi-24 is never used in real combat right?
We haven't seen real "war" more btw real Big Countries after Korea War right?

Well I hope never "real war" more ::D

Mi-24 Hind-E , nice looking
Hello FlyingFrog as usual it is great to have you here on the topics of mine, and sir..... Yes with those guys armed with Hong Ying 5 Tm any helicopter crew would turn their machines away thats for sure :lol:

Thanks FlyingFrog :)

Well it was an article in a older Soldiers of Fortune magazine at the local barber shop where I brevity laid my eyes on this article. It was mercenaries in africa that used Mi-17 Hip-H helicopters to patrool an area where rebel forces operated. And then I thougt about the Russian Mi-24 Hind and the movie Rambo III where they had some kind of replica of Mi-24s flying around in Afghanistan. But I have never read any articles about the Mi-24 Hind elswhere? So Im just curious if there was any flyboys or other military guys out here that know anything about the helicopters from the field. :) They Look so damn nice dont they? Like flying forts or something 8)


Wasnt the Mi 24 used in the war in afghanistan, or am i totaly off regarding time for the use of the Mi 24?
Mi-24 was used in Afgahnistan and Chechenya... In Afgahnistan it was used as transport helo for the Spetsnaz teams, After the Spetsnaz got of Hind got in the air and coverd them.
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Still remember the Stinger missiles used in Afhanistan?

In October 1986, 3 Mi-24 were shot down by 3 stingers.
The first batch of Stingers sent to Afhanistan was 150.

Only in 1987, Soviets lost 400 jets and helo's, and it was mainly due to the deadly stingers, the Soviets had to consider seriously it was time to draw out of Afhanistan.

FIM-92A Stinger


Snauhi said:
yes but do you know the terrain of Afgahanistan?

Moutains :D

But in plain area's, helo's can hardly find the location of the attackers either, and if there are a couple of attackers carring the stingers, helo has no 10 hands to deal with them at all.
The Stinger Missile have to be one of the most deadly threats a attackhelicopter can face even today. Well the armour and the weapons aboard this flying forts then? Can the helicopters still be a support element even today? The anwser we got from Snauhi. They aren´t absolite yet? And used in Afghanistan they was realy there and before the stingers they proven to be a very effective support system for the spetsnaz commandos. One more thing. Afghanistan is BIG and not all sectors did have the Stinger. It took C.I.A a while to get them out to all these different places over Afghanistan. But still helicopters I think was the best way to patrol that country. As long no laser pointed at the machines. :?


Meant to be pretty effective though isnt it? bat least from what ive read its better than the Mi-24 and -28, and turkey almost chose it only for politics to intervene!