Mexican Assault rifle FX-05 ''Xiuhcoatl''


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I just wanted to present to you the new assault rifle developed by the Mexican Army based on the German G36 assault rifle. The name of this rifle is FX-05 ''Xiuhcoatl'' ( Fire Serpent).

This is the only picture available so far.


Looks nice.
Then again, I haven´t used the G36 so I have nothing to compare it to..
Great post:)
As far as I can tell, absolutly nothing. It was just a G36 licensed out to the mexicans in a diffrent name.
There are no stupid questions.
soon the Norwegians will control the earth......soon.....soooooon.......
Its funny how half of Mexico's population lives in poverty but the Army somehow finds the money to pay for these new fancy German rifles.
I looked at the picture once more, and too me the stock on the FX-05 looks slightly different than the G36. It looks like some sort of combined solution with a retractable and a collapsible stock.
Mexico's economy isn't exactly hurting. All the money is concentrated in a few hands, though. Little of the money goes toward the improvement of the population. Good thing their rich uncle to the north has more money than he knows what to do with... :sarc:
Well, from what I see of this rifle.

On the inside, it's a G36. On the outside, it's a cross between a M4 carbine and a Sig 556 Rifle
The only thing I know so far is that this rifle was based on the German G36, the original plan of the Mexican army was to built the G36 with the license of HK, however somehow they didn't get to a deal, therefore the Mexican engineers had to create the Mexican version with the same machinery the G36 is built with.

There is no official technical data available at the moment, some sources say its caliber is 5.56. And it doesn't have carry handle at all. It also doesn't have an optic scope, instead, it has iron sights. Anyway this is not official, so lets not believe everything.

Edit on that: It seems, that finally the license plan worked out. So the Mexican rifle is build under License of HK.


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