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I had a kidney stone 7 years ago that passed without complication. It was a dietary problem and now fixed. I have not had a problem since. I flew through MEPS today with no problems but at the end they wanted x-rays of my kidneys. I had that done but now I have to wait until next week to learn if I am in or out.

Anyone know if I stand a good chance or not, they didn't ask for me to retrieve any medical records...

LeatherNeckRVA said:
I hate MEPS with all of my being.

I second that motion. I was active duty for 4 years, went into the reserves, got deployed to Iraq, got a full physical by the military in SEP 03, and I still had to go thru that crap AGAIN including the ASVAB to go back active.
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Cheese31337 said:
Do youze guys think I'm done for. They didn't ask for my medical records so I guess I am worrying over nothing....

You lost your medical records, anyway.

AHAHAHAHAHA that is the best thing I have ever heard, you dont mind if i borrow that one do you?
I think he's saying that if your asked to supply records, tell them you can't retrieve because they were lost in a blackhole in cyberspace, or the records building where they were kept burned down "X" amount of years ago

X is sometime AFTER your last retreival of them
Oh, MEPS, that terrible place you have to endure in order to join the armed forces.

Now that I've been there (Enlisted last week into Delayed Entry with the Army), I can relate my experience.

'Hurry Up and Wait' sums it up rather nicely.

I didn't go through much trouble meself with the physical (only serious thing was a few stitches back when I was a tot), I just checked 'No' for everything (if they can't prove your leg's FUBAR anymore and you didn't say 'yes,' they don't know the damned difference) except for my glasses. The most difficult part for me was the piss test (couldn't get it flowing the first time, had to wait a while). Didn't have to take the ASVAB 'cause I took it during the school year.

Either way, I don't want to go to that wretched place again, but I will nontheless to ship out. Damn.

If the part in question isn't giving you problems now when it did in the past, just say no.
Well I found out what I have doesn't DQ you. The problem is, it's been a week and no word yet. My recruiter is getting very annoyed with MEPS and even the 1SGT is looking at it.

1 week is plenty of time for a look at x-rays and to put a "1" in the system so I can START MY LIFE.