MEPS (Joining the Army)


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How exactly does the whole enlistment process go? And what is EVERYTHING they make you do, or do to you at MEPS?
It is just a whole lot of sitting really, other than that it is a basic physical, check your eyes, weight, height, make you do the duck walk, you do some stuff where they have you stand up from your knees without using your hands, stuff like that. Then you go see your liason officer and you work out your ocntract, at that point your recruiter comes in to help you finish. Basically you get up at 5am, shower, go eat, hop on the bus or van to the MEPS, then start doing paperwork, get a briefing about what you can and can not do in the MEPS, sit around for a while, do the urine test, eye test, physical, all that fun stuff, and hey, you get a free lunch to, that is a plus. Word of advice, drinks lots of water before you get to the MEPS.
Basically it's like going to the docs office. The only thing you will feel uncomfortable with is when you have to strip down to your draws witha bunch of other guys, and when the doc feels your gonads and looks at your butt. You get over those real quickly. Like mentioned before, just be prepared to wait.