Medical in the Military


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I'm giving serious consideration to joining the military. I'm a nursing student currently. I have about two years of college completed. I'm curious if it would be more to my benefit to finish my schooling and then join? Or if I joined now would I have a good chance at getting a job in the military that went along medical lines. I've not yet spoken with a recruiter as I've come to understand that they have a tendency to tell you what you'd like to hear. Any input would be appreciated!
As the Army goes, it might be better to get your schooling done first. You can rack up to $60,000 in college loans and the Army will pay it off for you if you sign up for 4 years. During those 4 years, you get get on the job training. If you do not like the Army, you can get out and get a civilian job. Also, all your college credits mean promotion points on the enlisted side. 1 semester hour = 1 promotion point. Since promotion point cut off scores are high in the medical field, you'll have an edge on other soldiers who do not have a 4 yr degree. A 4 year degree also means it is easier for you to become an officer if that is your wish.