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Did anyone here ever use a mechanical mule? ARe they cool, or pieces of junk? I just like the idea.
do you mean that little 4 wheeled go-cart the marines used a lot in viet nam? actually, they are fun to drive an all. The last time i saw one was in the movie "Maximum Overdrive"; it was the vehicle that had the M-60 machine gun mounted on it.

Now, if you are talking about that four to six legged (yes, i mean legs) device the army transportation group was working on to transport items over rough or uneven terrain, well they look fun too. :D
Yeah, the little flatbed 4x4 they had. I want one! This is what happens when the marines design a vehicle:
"Seats? Seats are for the weak! Canopy? You can't shoot with a canopy! It's gotta be light, and small, so it'll fit on the ship and tiny little trails! It only needs to big enough to carry a LOT OF AMMO!" :)
heres a link to a picture of a four legged mechanical mule, army transportation. enjoy

Mark Conley said:
heres a link to a picture of a four legged mechanical mule, army transportation. enjoy


Where can I buy one of those?? :lol:
The Army has a newer variant of these in service right now in Korea. They're basically little John Deere 4-wheelers with a steering wheel, a small bench seat, a flat bed and a small infrared driving light on the front. I was watching a few guys doing tight turns in one, damn near flipped it over on it's side. It wasn't a very tight turn, and it can't go very fast, you do your own math with that one.

Last time I looked the guys in the motor pool were trying to figure out a way to rig it for an air assault mission. Good luck, it's mostly plastic. Should make an impressive display when they have to cut it free from a UH60.
i think you're talking about the jd gators. they're everything from 4 to 8 wheels and they go just about anywhere, but yeah depending on which one you've got they don't go very fast or turn to tight, but they get the job done and they sure as hell beat humping.