May I have your attention!? Vote needed!



Dear friends

we at may need your help!

Our blog is nominated and running in a contest!

We have had this blog which advocates democracy and regime change in Iran since 2003.

We need you to vote for us, of course if you find us fit with your ideas though.

The reason i am asking you to vote is not for personal benefits but indeed your vote will bring our blog to the attention of many people and people around the world would be able to understand the importance of the threat posed by the iranian regime to our civilised world.

Regime Change Iran has been nominated for inclusion in the Deck O’Bloggers, organized by Aaron’s blog, a collection of the most important blogs on the internet based on popular opinion. We are honored.

If we are "voted in," it will help introduce us to many other bloggers who are unfamiliar with our work in support of real democracy in Iran.

There is a contest going on among blogs here and that would be great if you cast your vote for us.

You just need to go to the left side of the page and choose "Regime Change Iran" there.



The voting has begun and will continue until Tuesday evening.

Thanks for your support. Please let your friends and readers know.

PS: If you need help figuring out how to vote, first go to:

Look to the sidebar on the left hand side and scroll down to where it says: Aaron’s Poll.

There is a list of blogs there in a white box.

Next to the names of each blog is an empty small circle, next to it.

When you reach "Regime Change Iran" please click on the circle (which puts a dot into it), scroll further down and click on the "vote" button.

That’s it.
Come now, have you learned nothing of democracy and politics while in Canada? If you want votes you need to make speeches and make some promises to the voters, explain your platform and kiss the babies.