Master's of Defense Knives...Dieter

Sgt. Nick Fury

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Finally....KNIVES!!!!!!! Firearms are not the only toys to drool over. Who here has experience with the Masters of Defense knives? Specifically I am interested with personal experience with the Dieter Mk 1 Automatic series.


Also I am curious I constantly see references to their knives being used by the most "elite" units, and designed by the most "elite" trainer, of the most "elite" units.......does anyone know who the hell these units are and who the trainer was that colaberated on the design?????? I am somewhat sceptical on the pedagree of this knife, and MOD's claims of most "elite". Of course that said.......I want one all the's very sexy.

Would love to hear thoughts on this or any other MOD knives. Also.....does anyone know what effect being bought out by Blackhawk is having on MOD?
Sorry, folders aren't my style. I have one of these, and I'm considering buying one of these.
If you really need a knife, these won't let you down. :D
For many reasons a sheath fixed blade is not always practical, besides nothing wrong with a folder that is an automatic knife, many many soldiers have used them. If you need something bigger don't screw around with a knife.....


but we're getting off teh subject. I just really would like to hear more abotu the Masters of Defense Knives....and how they hold up.....and I still want to know who they are being issued to.