Mars Exploration Rover Mission. Mars Rover Spirit


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Mars Exploration Rover Mission

It's a bit "old news", but do you follow the Mars Exploration Rover (MER) Mission?
I find it quite fascinating myself.

Visit the official Mars Rover site:
for the latest updates on the Mars Rover Spirit explorations.
Speaking of it....

I dont know much about that but the pictuers are nice, and the NASA people really need a sucsess after the Culmbia.
Yes yes NASA needs that success but there is terrible news. Something is wrong with Spirit, they do not know exactly what yet. NASA has lost "intelligent contact" with Spirit. Since Wedsnday all they have recieved is unintellagble nonsense. If Spirit is lost, it is perhaps the most terrible thing that could have happened to NASA right now. Her twin Opportunity is scheduled to land Saturday. Lets hop for the best. Heres the story
Martians let her go, Spirit is back online :D Still problems, but not quite as bad as before :?

Oportunity successfully landed 3 hours ago :D :D
I also heard that they now have proof that there are water(ice) on Mars!
This has been suspected for a while, but not confirmed until now..

They have also found channels wich they suspect could have been rivers....
Great News!
This may prove that there has been (or still is) life on Mars.
Even if it's only primitive life, it will be one of the greatest discoveries ever!
A lot of major religions will have some serious explanations to do! :D
Personally I don't think it really matters (theologically) if life is ever found outside Earth, I don't think it will be, but it sure wouldn't change or affect my beliefs in any way if it ever were.
Cool.. :D

I'm 100% sure that we will find life outside earth someday.
All the weird places life exists on Earth is proof enough for me that life can exist other places than here.
And the fact that water has been discovered on Mars makes me even more sure..

Wanna bet 100MilBucks?? :wink:
Ok, 1000MilBucks! :D
On that life will be found outside earth in the next 50 years... :lol:
I'll take that bet Redleg. All the milbucks in my bank and on my person that intelligent life (animals count, Democrats do not) will not be found outside our plenet in the next 50 years.

Providing the this site is still up and you are still alive in 50 years. Hell, i'll be 63 :D :D
Redneck said:
No, I was only betting on the next 5 hours. Better get moving on that discovery, Redleg.

I think I will have problems finding intelligent life here on Earth in 5 hours... :D
I try not to bet but this is one bet I know I would never lose so your on Redleg. Though I say raise the bet to 10,000 milbucks cuz in 50 years we should have at least that many. If no life is found outside Earth by 1/1/53 you owe 10,000 milBucks.
50 years, not 5 hours...
Behave now, remember that I have access to you MilBucks account... 8)