Marine Security Forces & Fleet Anti-Terrorist Security Teams: Read First


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Okay lets just put it out there once and for all. Marine Corps Security Forces Regt encompasses Marine Security Force Companies, Fleet Anti-Terrorist Security Teams, and Recapture Tactics Teams.

MCSF Regt is headquartered at :Norfolk Va

Elements of MCSF are assigned world wide to naval installations that in the opinion of the Chief of Naval Operations and Commandant of the Marine Corps represent a high value target or security risk.

Marines who wish to enlist for the Marine Corps Security Forces enlist as infantry men and following completion of ITB the Marine will attend Naval Security Group Activity in Chesapeake Va for Security Forces Training before being assigned to eithier a MCSF Co or a FAST Plt or an RTT. All assignments are made by MCSF HQ Bn based on the current needs of the Bn. Upon completion uf Security Forces Training the Marine is given the secondary MOS 8152 MCSF Guard. Other MOS'S in MCSF are 8153 Training Cadre and 8154 CQB Qualified.

Marine Security Forces are in reality a combination and more stream lined approach to the former system of Marine Barracks Duty and Sea Duty.

MCSF Co's now take the place of the Old Marine Barracks Co.'s in providing installation security and a reaction force.

FAST Takes the place of ships detachments and provides the fleet with protection and security against attacks and provides a short time period expeditionary capability.

Lets talk about the Anti-Terrorist Aspect:

FAST is a protective measure against terrorist they are billed as counter-terror however if you believe that simply by having this designation you will be actively hunting terrorists, taking down terrorists or kicking doors in search of terrorists you are wrong. That is not FAST's mission. There are elements with that mission farther up the food chain that exsist to do this.FAST is a security force. The current discussions being had and questions being ask here are why FAST has been hung with the moniker


Because a buncha 8152 boots shot off their pie holes in front of some operators about how badass FAST was.​

RTT- Are deployed in strategic locations throughout the world and are given the opportunity for advance training. But right now you don't need to worry about RTT's or getting there.​
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My son is a Marine recruit in the DEP and just completed taking his oath at MEPS. His recruiter gave him a list of options to choose from and he has decided to do UV- Marine Corps Security Forces. He really wants to do Recon and thinks this is a way to get him towards that goal. What is it that the MCSF actually do and is this really going to help him achieve his goal?
My son is a Marine recruit in the DEP and just completed taking his oath at MEPS. His recruiter gave him a list of options to choose from and he has decided to do UV- Marine Corps Security Forces. He really wants to do Recon and thinks this is a way to get him towards that goal. What is it that the MCSF actually do and is this really going to help him achieve his goal?

He has the same chances as any 03XX Marine INDOCing for Recon. FAST and MCSF Co don't give a leg up.
im an active duty Marine looking at goin SF as a B-billet but im a POG will that restrict my options in SF, cuz ive heard, and this is just hear say, but that non 03's have a higher probability of getting PRP assignments rather than having the option for FAST or RTT later on down the chain, any word on this or if im a non 03 do i gota go back through ITB
Check with the monitor. When SF was first stood up it did not have an MOS restriction like the old Sea and Barracks duty ' with excetion depending on vessel or station. That later went away and an 03 MOS was required. Check with the monitor for current requirements and the options. Last I heard 03 monitor was the contoller.
Quick Question

I'm a poole about to ship off to boot camp. I want to go Active Duty, my recruiter though is telling me to go reserves. I see if choose active i'll be waiting about 10 months befor even going to basic. So as of now i have a contract for 8 years reserve as 0311, and i can ship in about 3 weeks. My recruiter swears up and down if i go reserve 0311 and have gone through basic, SOI, and 0311 school, i will be put in Grand Rapids MI reserve unit and i'll be able to go active duty 8152. I only wanna go 8152 but my recruiter says i must go 0311. ( i see that this is true) but i think he's being fishy about me signing as 0311 reserve, just get in quick, get to a unit then switch to active duty 8152. Is this even doable? & a other thing my recruiter says i can only sign as 0311 to get marine security forces. I wanna do MP though, but he says i can not go marine security forces with an MP MOS. Also says i can not go reserve with an MP MOS, but i have heard of this being done befor?? just trying to get stuff figured out befor i ship and then 100% screwed :confused:
You can only go to Security as an 03xx MOS. For enlistment contracts that specify Security Forces, in most cases you will be trained as an 0311 at ITB/SOI, instead on another 03 MOS, but your enlistment will be for the 03 MOS field, so theoritically you can be assigned to any MOS in the field but due to the varied training schedule of Security Forces you would almost certainly be 0311.

Reserve units recruit based on the MOS needed in that unit. If it's an infantry unit you will be enlisted as infantry and assigned at SOI to the MOS needed in that unit. Grand Rapids Michigans resident unit is Alpha Company 1/24, so he's telling the truth in that you can only enlist as an 03xx MOS. There are no USMCR MP units in Michigan so you won't be able to enlist in the reserves as an MP 5811 or 5831.

If you want to be an MP you will have to go active duty and be 19 years old at the time of graduation from your MOS School. 5811 IS NOT AN ELIGABLE MOS for Security Forces, you must hold an infantry MOS.

He may indeed be able to ship you faster as a reservist in that the USMCR has different needs for manning than does the active duty Marine Corps. I believe he is telling you the truth about that.

Yes it is possible to transfer from the reserves to active duty, However you would transfer as an 0311 and then apply for security forces, you could not transfer directly to Security Forces.
Okay, this information helps alot.

Is there a way to search all possible MOS's in michigan as far as reserves go?

And the only reason they are pushing me towards Reserve is because they can have me in bootcamp in two weeks Vs. December 2010. So would me going Reserves then transfering to active duty be a faster prosses then if i just waited for active duty slots to open in december? i know i would have 13 weeks for basic, then 8+ weeks for SOI, then 5 weeks for 0311 MOS school. So what would be the fastest prosses to get to active duty?

Also if i do transfer from reserve to active duty does that mean i am comitted to a 8 years plus 4 year contract? As of now i have a 8 year contract for reserve, when i transfer to active duty is that contract erased? or would i be in for min or 12 years then?

Also i know every 2 years you can switch your MOS ( so i've been told)
Can you switch you MOS in 2 years even as a reserviest?

*Edit* when i ask if you can switch after 2 years and about transfering from reserve to active, (i'm mostly wondering are these fairly easy and common doables?) I just know i have a cousin that is in the reserve unit in battle creek MI, and has been trying to go active for about a year now, is this just because he could be "slacking" in some areas and not tip top or is it common to be stuck in the possition your in once givin one?
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For Michigan you have some Air Wing Units, Engineers and Infantry units, you can search it on the Marine Reserve Web site.

Transferring from USMCR to USMC is not a swift thing. Two things come into play, the needs of the USMCR and the needs of the USMC. If you are a 0311 in the USMCR and wish to transfer to active duty it will dependant of whether the USMCR can lose manpower and whether the active duty component needs 0311's.

There is a contract adjustment usually requiring 4 years active and a variable SMCR or IRR commitment.