Marine Quote from Central America, Smedley Butler


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I don't know the author of the quote or the exact wording but it goes something like. " I feel used, I've fought and won for the United Fruit Company...? This was a fairly high ranking Marine officer.. Thought that it might have been Chesty Puller. Any help with this would be appreciated.

I've talked to several Marines since I posted this they Id'ed Smedly Butller as the source but are unsure of the wording. Any help would be appreciated.
Google "War is a racket" and "Butler", and you will get this quote from several different sites. However, look for the book. It has been posted in Adobe format. It was written by Gen. Butler, I believe when he was running for public office, during the 1930's. It is interesting reading, especially his thoughts on WWI.

With the advent of the internet, Gen. Butler has been quote extensively by the "anit-war" movement.