Marine Military Academy


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When i was 13, (im 16 at the moment) i went to the Marine Military Academy in Harlingen TX, for summer camp for all of june. My mom thought i needed to "get my ass beat", as she said to other people when she thought i wasn't near to listen. I hated her for it :x . But now at school there having us plan out our future careers, and the military is looking pretty good compared to sitting in front of a computer all day, or working a service job.

Back to the summer thing, i got through it alright, and even got a diploma like thing signed by Wayne E. Rollings, a retired brig general, for graduating the thing. While i was there they had retired, marine vets as our drill sergeants which we stayed with the entire time. They told us the camp was the same as "the first month of bootcamp". Everything we did there, they said, was the same things we would experience when actually joining.
I highly highly doubt that though.

Now my question is: Were those experiences from that camp, really, what I should expect if i join the military?
Do you know how this school compars to the other military schools? I also would like to join the Marines, but wanted to get an education while doing so. Is it like USMA, just for Marines though?
Im not sure its like USMA , if u look at site it says "marine prep-school grades 8-12" so just high school. But, when i was there i remember one of the cadet seargents saying that after finishing high school, you could stay for college but it wasn't recomended at all.