Man Tells Wis. Police He's a Werewolf

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[FONT=Verdana,Sans-serif]FOND DU LAC, Wis. (AP) - A former inmate told police that he was a werewolf and could change shapes after he was arrested for breaking into a woman's apartment. Robert Marsh, 39, appeared Friday in Fond du Lac County Circuit Court on charges of criminal trespassing, criminal damage to property, disorderly conduct and possession of marijuana.

A woman called police about 3 a.m. Thursday and said Marsh broke through the deadbolt on her door and grabbed her. Two men in the home stopped him, a criminal complaint said.
The woman said she had been letting Marsh stay with her since his release from prison several days earlier because he was homeless, the complaint said.
Marsh had been drinking heavily and claimed to be a werewolf and involved in a witch religion, the woman told police. When police arrested Marsh, he told them he was a werewolf who could change forms, the complaint said.
Marsh had a small amount of marijuana on him when he was arrested, the complaint said. Marsh was scheduled for a court hearing on March 14. Cash bail was set at $5,000.

Hmmm... does that mean silver will hurt him? I have tons of that stuff (few rings and watches). Maybe I can get a silver cross and burn the image of Jesus into his pagan werewolf body.