MAME - Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator


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MAME - Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator

Any retro gamer out there who have tried this one??

I just love it... :D

It's an emulator for all of your favorite classic retro games from the old arcades..
It can emulate over 2,000 of the old classics like:
Space Invaders, Ghosts 'N goblins, Wonderboy, Bubble Bobble, etc..
go to to find some more info about it.

You can also find a windows version of the emulator here:
(recommended if you have no experience with working in DOS)

But there's one problem with MAME, that several of the old games are still protected by copyrights, and you'll have to own them in order to play them (legally) on mame..
But many of the copyrights have expired, and several of the old software houses are closed down, so there are quite a few games out there that you can legally use.

visit to find a lot more info about MAME, and a few downloads.
You can also find several links to sites of interest on the official MAME site (but beware of a LOT of pop-ups on several of them...)
and you can also buy a few (cheap) MAME roms in here

Enjoy... :D
hey i have this on my xbox! yeah it is def worth investing time to get the games and set up the emulator!! Frogger Here I Come