Major Update, Read this!!


The fire is everything
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I have been working on a major update on the navigation and layout on the site..
Published it tonight..

Check it out and tell me what you think about the "New"
I'm not done yet, going to experiment with fonts, colors and layout some more...

Please report back if you encounter any errors on the site!

The icon to vote for the site at the patriot files doesnt show, you may want to update your code.

Also, Id suggest gathering some more pictures of people for quotes, like "Baghdad Bob"

Looks Good :D

I love the idea for war movie quotes, if you need any help Im game :D
The graphics for the button is stored on the patriotfiles server, so it must be a problem there...

I'm planning to update the pages too, more pictures and graphics, and maybe some changes in the layout on some of the pages too.
I'm just focusing on the menu and navigation now, I think it was to hard to navigate the site earlier, hope it's better now...

I'm going to make a new section on the forum for war/movie quotes.
You can post all the quotes you want there, or you can mail them to me.. :D