Lyrics to Dog Face Soldier


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This song was used in the Audie Murphy movie To Hell and Back, based on this autobiography of the same name, and is the offical song of the 3rd Infantry Division. You can here it played, and sung, on their website at 8)

I Wouldn't Give A Bean
To Be A Fancy Pants Marine
I'd Rather Be A
Dog Face Soldier Like I Am

I Wouldn't Trade My Old OD's
For All The Navy's Dungarees
For I'm The Walking Pride
Of Uncle Sam

On Army Posters That I Read
It Says "Be All That You Can"
So They're Tearing Me Down
To Build Me Over Again

I'm Just A Dog Face Soldier
With A Rifle On My Shoulder
And I Eat Raw Meat
For Breakfast E'V'RY Day

So Feed Me Ammunition
Keep Me In Third Division
Your Dog Face Soldier's A-Okay
Original words to last two stanzas (the first part of #3 was different as well, but I don't know the exact words):

I’m just a Dogface Soldier,
With a rifle on my shoulder,
And I eat a Kraut for breakfast every day.

So feed me ammunition,
Keep me in my Division,
Your Dogfaced Soldier boy is A-okay.”