Loss of RAAF Williams


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Just letting you all know that the oldest operational airbase in the world; RAAF Williams (Point Cook, Victoria, Australia) is going under the hammer. almost a century of millitary history will be lost to developers. Anyone interested in finding about the history of the base can visit the RAAF Museum's website. www.raafmuseum.com.au
so true.. there are bugger all aussies on this site! anyways- if any of you guys really care (no offence or anything) RAAF williams got saved... it will remaing operational- not completely millitary, but they are still gonna keep it :D. anyways- again for anyone interested; a kickass display was held there last sat nite, with an Aussie defence force federation guard, the RAAF aerobatic team (for you americans; they fly the swedish P/C 9, and are called the roulettes), drill, rifle drill, etc.