Looking for Quotes on recombination of DNA in Biological War


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Im doing a reaserch paper on the future of Genetically Engineered "super-germs" if you will, with an emphisis on the history of the existant (or if you belivge nonexistant) arms "race" between the Americans and the Soviets for these weapons under the Reagen administration. Anything do do with the practicality or development of such weapons would be greatly appreciated. Remember, Im looking for quotes dealing with gene splicing to creat new germs, not just regular natraul biological agents.

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Hmmm, it might be because I am a geek, but I took to this topic right away. Oh well. To start with I would try searching scientific journals - there are lots of websites, some you have to sign up for, others you don't. There probabyl won't be many quotes in the journal themselves. Your library probably has the best access to jounals, because most of them require subscriptions of some sort. After you find a few relevant journals, try searching news sites for the authours. They are often experts in a very narrow field, so if an expert is needed, there aren't alot to choose from. Hope this helps.