logistics vs. tactics


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I heard a quote some time ago about how you can tell the difference between a novice general and a veteran general because a novice discusses tactics and a veteran discusses logistics. I thought it was by Napolean but I never found it. Any ideas?
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A novice general has no idea how to manage large units. they think war is all about blowing things up. That's only 25% of what war is really about. War to a veteran general is about smarts and how to use what you have to its maximum advantage. The idaea of intel is powerful, but knowing how to use it against an enemy takes skill and smarts.
I don't know the quote verbatim.... but I believe it was Romel that made that quote regarding a question asked about logistics vs tactics. I personally believe it always has to do with logistics and the personal experience you have about your opponent.
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Seems an odd comment for Rommel to make given that he had very little understanding of the role logistics played in modern warfare.
Rommel earned the disdain of General Halder with comments like:
I could not restrain a somewhat impolite smile, and asked him what he would be needing for the purpose. He thought he would need another two Panzer Corps. I asked him, 'Even if we had them, how are you going to supply them and feed them?' To this, I received the classic reply, 'That's quite immaterial to me. That's your pigeon.'