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I just read one closed thread, and I just cant stop laughting! *sorry about this* Letter from a Christain Fundamentalist, Check this out There are 3 Goths out of 10 young people living in Stockholm I believe. And I give my consent they really are potheads, and rejects. :lol: :cry: :lol: :cry: :lol:

Someone did a research on Goth-rockers over here in sweden, A Gothrocker is often a youngster dressed in black and with black hair and the person is often confused and listens to Marilyn Manson and he/she thinks about becoming a satanist. A Goth-rockers biggest interest is to sit on cafés and discuss politics with there equals, they cut themselfe with raizors on their wrists and on other parts of their body but not to deep.
They really want to feel special and unik but they cant because their friends looks all the same, they want to arouse as much attention that is possible and to shock as many as possible... That doesnt work to good either because Alice Cooper did almost everything that Marilyn Manson does today. A Gothrockers largest problem consist in that they are childrens of a divorced family, without any real contact with any of their parents, dad moved away to another city and made a new family. Goth-rockers has very seldom any to model themselves on and they really dont know what they want, but Marilyn Manson seems to know what he wants so they follows him. "Lemmings™ that old game will come out in a new version to christmas, there you lead a group of Goth-rockers through lifehoods all dangerous obsticles and bring them home to the happy family." :mrgreen:

pretty stupid thing to say Snauhi, if you ask me
my cousin went overseas, on exchange for 12 months. she got put in with a really bad family who didn't treat her great and she didn't have a good enough grasp of the language. this resulted in her getting a bit messsed up.
when she got back, she went through different phases. at one stage she was goth, skater, punk and a couple of others, but all the time, she was still the same person who had left.
what i guess im trying to say is,
a) dont judge people by thier appearances, get to know them as a person before judging them
b) dont group people all together. often groups follow the 1% rule, 1% give the other 99% a bad name
please, be tolerant, it will make the world better :)
yes i dont hate people on how they look, if they wears a cross up and down, that means they are anti-christ.
a lot of symbols, thanks to over use and misrepresentation in the media have lost thier meaning or have had it distorted. while yes wearing the cross like that is bad, it would be interesting to see if they know what it stands for, or whether they just did it because they saw thier friends do the same thing.

again, if you talk to them and get to know them, a lot of people, despite some odd looks, are really great people, who knows, u may be able to explain to them what the cross represents to many
again, if you talk to them and get to know them, a lot of people, despite some odd looks, are really great people,

Same thing with bikies. They have a bad image just like Goths. But if you sit down and have a beer with them you'll find out they are usually decent blokes. Except for Gypsy Jokers, scum of the earth they are. Not even the other biker gangs will acknowledge them. But yeah same thing. There is a real person behind the image, get to know that person then make your judgement.

Well I got a friend that works with net-work installments and when he visited one of our major mental hospitals he meet one of the inmates but he didn´t know that he was one of swedens biggest serial killers in our history and he was a nice guy too. He got an IQ that would make me look
mentally retarded without any question. My point is that there is nothing wrong with Goth-rockers in that sentense that the like to live, look, and act as they do. I only think that there is no differance between a Christain Fundamentalist and a Goth-rocker.

They are all the same but in two different directions. But if I personaly got to choose, I would rather be a Fundamentalist priest then playing with my little sisters make-up and cutting my arms up with razors if I got in to mental obsticles or difficulties that Marilyn Manson are helping the world with. I would rather listen to Abba Teens for hours then listen to Marilyn Manson for 10 minutes. I say Sepultura, Metallica, Panthera good for your braincells. It is a mather of taste I believe. I cant help it but I hate this Retro-shit. :mrgreen:
I had a little Goth moment while in high school.
But we didn't have many Goths.
Unfortunately my cousins didn't understand it and thought I was going through a gay period.
*LMAO* redneck!

I was in to PUNK buisness when I was 13 years old - I liked Six Pistols I still like them but I dont have god save the queen on my wall anylonger. I think everything.... I hope that it is like this - That everything changes with time and people wakes up.

Since everybody seems to be calling goths retards here, I'd like to say that probably our own elders thought we were retards back in the early 90's when we were listening to Nirvana, Pearl Jam & Guns'n Roses. I like to think I turned out okay in the end. I think it's just a phase.
Trevor said:
The good thing about my school, is that they have their own little corner where they stay.

Likewise for my school.

I'm friends with a couple goths... One of my friends wasn't a goth before this year, I've stopped hanging out with him now. He doesn't know what's good for him and he hates politics and thinks he's invincible... It's sad.

I had a little Goth moment while in high school.
But we didn't have many Goths.
Unfortunately my cousins didn't understand it and thought I was going through a gay period.

Hahahaha :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
There arent any goths at my school alot of bandos, atheletes, and asians.

As far as retard moments go, ive probably had a few hundred of them.
Snauhi said:
yes i dont hate people on how they look, if they wears a cross up and down, that means they are anti-christ.

The inverted cross actually means "to take part in sins of the flesh" not anti-christ...
Let's not be mean, guys.

I am what many would consider "gothic", however I find labels to be rather trite. Many people would probably be offended by the letter posted above.
I am not the antichrist, nor am not cruel or mean. However, I do wear black make-up and a trench coat. I don't think saying all gothic people are retarded is very nice, for two reasons. For one, not all "goths" are jerks, and for two, the term "retard" means slow. So all goths are...slow? If by slow you mean stupid, that also is not true. I (again, going by the stereotypes) am considered goth and I got high honors.
I'm done ranting, I guess.
Just please, be nice, guys.
trench coats rock!!!
at my uni, in australia, i , a white australian, of european descent, am part of the minority, which is slightly strange. but its good in other ways, for example, im getting lessons in japanese and chinese!!!
Seems a bit unfair to generalize something like a "goth." I'm a pretty diverse kid, I listen to all kinds of music from Frank Sinatra to Manson and from Hayden to Goldfinger. That doesn't put me into any category. I don't do the trenchcoat black makeup thing, but I have a couple friends who do. They tend to call me a "trendy bastard" because I dress in anything from Quiksilver to Armani. But I still hang out with them because they're cool guys.
My high school was pretty small so we couldn't really have cliques. If we did I'd probably be in all of them because I was a jock, band geek, computer nerd, rotc, skater, surfer, and the list goes on. The only thing that would maybe make me stand out was the fact that I really hated all of the office personel, so I did everything I could to bend the rules and not get caught. In the mind of everyone in the office, since I was a "rebel" I would be in that "gothic" group. But in reality the people I cruzed with were from all groups. Point is, you can't generalize a group of people without knowing the individual. You might as well be racist while you're at it.

Just to tackle another stereotype while I'm at it. Not all "goths" are drug addicts and suicidal. After playing baseball a few years, including a little bit of college ball, it's safe to say there are plenty of jocks and frat boys that are into alcohol and drugs just as much as those "goths" that they seem to hate so much.