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I might as well post it here since very few of you scoundrels reads about the forum updates anyway.. ;)

Installed several new games today:

Chopper Pilot: go up using the left mouse button
Pingu Slap!: This one shouldn't need any introduction. a Modified version of Yetisports 1. (costs a bit more, large file)
Duck Hunter: Not exactly ducks, but...
Curveball: A 3d version of Paddle War
GTA: A Grand Theft Auto clone.
KickUps: How many times can you kick the ball before it hits the ground??

Enjoy, more games coming soon! :D

Prizes for highscores now changed to 100 MilBucks due to the number of games.

I hate that Chopper game.. :evil:

How the h**l did you get 1440 there SpyFly.. :(
Darkmb101 said:
Yetisports has come to the forum. aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

There's YETIMANIA in the MilForum today.. :lol:

YetiSports 2, 3 and 4 has been installed, WITH highscores.
I have some bandwidth left this month, but I may have to delete them next month.

They are quite large, 500-900kb, so it will take some time to load them on an ISDN or 56k modem...

As always, ENJOY! :D
And the YETIMANIA continues..

The cost of playing the yetigames has been reduced, at least until June.. :D