Leather Flying unit patches made...........


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:salute2:I make WW2 era type Leather flying unit patches, USAAF/USN/USMC , I do great work for a good price , please PM me your e mail for smaple photos,price etc , thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just added 4 new patches to the link , the "Air Group-11" patches ,VF,VB,and VT-11 went to Calif to go into the USS Hornet carrier museum, the VT-10 patch went to a collector .
Check it out I'm sure you'll enjoy viewing them!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just added an 86th Fighter Squadron "Commanches" leather patch to my link and will be adding a US Navy Torpron 5 in about a week , check out the link , and thanks for looking !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MTBRON-5, 47th Bombardment Squadron patches now in photobucket link, coming soon a 48th Pursuit/Fighter Squadron
Adding a WW2 USN VF-35 patch this week
Now on page 5 of the link.....................
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now over 360 + photos to view on my Facebook page , "WW2 Leather Sqd/Group Patches" enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Drop by and take a look , it is all "custom order work" , nothing pre made/stocked, if you have a specific "Want" please let me know as I have a vast archive of WW2 USAAF/USN/USMC images to work from ........
Leather unit patches made......

Here's a few photo of my work , enjoy !!!!!
See many more on my Facebook page, WW2 Leather Sqd/Group Patches
all custom order work , nothing pre made or stocked, "any" 5-6 inch patch of your choice USAAF/USN/USMC, in the US $50.00each/total including postage , if you have a "specific" want please contact me , enjoy !!!!!!!!!


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