Leader of hamas dead


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Not sure if anybody had heard but Sheik Ahmed Yassin the leader of hamas was killed today by Isreali missiles fired from apache helicopters.

Congrats to the Isreali army on kickin ass.

Yes. We got him!
Dont call him "Sheik" it implies dignety and being a religion man.He was a terrorist.
I'm curious Sherman, do you think that Hamas will lose their moral and begin to fall apart and that the death of Yassin will damage them,

or will they be strengthened in their resolve to fight and retaliate and be more violent?

Well, I think that e should keep killing the Hammas leaders until no one feels like taking their place. I think hammas will be more resolved for a while. Dose it matter? I dont see how. They are having attacking. I say we press them hard. There has to be a political solution, but not with Hammas. They are not here to negotiate.