Laser shield


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Laser shield.i heard something abot using an external laser shild on US tanks.Have you heard something about it,or is it just a farytale :?:
I was just kidding, I've never heard of any such defense (maybe some sort of jamming equipment?). What did your source tell you the system did exactly?
Kozzy Mozzy said:
The Chinese Type 98 has a laser on it that blinds seeker heads and optics.

If it's ChiCom, are you sure it's not just a red blinking light like Buzz Lightyear's laser? :lol:
Sorry, couldn't help it.

But it does sound like an interesting defense, mighty expensive, though. Isn't there a move away from laser guided anti-armor systems and towards infrared targetting? Just wondering how useful a system like that would actually be (especially for a country like our own, where our enemies don't have access to much sophisticated arms).
dont matter

never mind the optics on the missile, a well managed laser can probably screw them up...
try this site. the federation of american Scientist maintain an open information forum on whats been expressed publically in the news regarding defense.

have fun looking up you answer in the special weapons section!
That site is a great resource, I've been browsing around on it making a shopping list of all the gear I'll need for my army when I become Emporer of Antartica.