Ladies and Gentelmen,we got him 2.....

When I saw that on the news this morning the first thing I thought of was how you were gonna title this post, and it looks like I was right. Hey according to TV here in the US, Israel hasn't relaesed any official statement and its unclear whether it was a booby trap or missile (as of an hour ago when I saw it on the news). Do you know anything Sherman?
Ohhhh, there's so much loving going on...
Can you feel the love tonight.... :firedevi:

I'm not saying congratulations to you for this one..
I'm afraid that this will only trigger more terrorist attacks against Israel..
Killing one leader, will only make another one replace him...
You'll have to kill half the Arab world to get peace this way... :?

You'll have to kill half the Arab world to get peace this way...

Well, if they all want to be the leader of hammas....Redneck, we are gonna need a couple of millions more of those whatamacallem "Hellfire" missiles ;) ....Oh, and more of them AH64s ;) .....Ahhh, If only it were that easy... :?
This guy on the news this morning (Green Beret) said Hamas just needs to be taken out of the equation and then peace has a chance, he appluaded the assisination. The more I think about it, the more it makes sense.
And he could probably be right too..

But taking out Hamas is no easy task....
Kill one, and three more (and their family) stands ready to take his place...

The muslim/arabic way of thinking is far different from ours..

An old Arabic saying explains a lot about this:
It goes something like this..:
Me against my brother, me and my brother against my cusin, but all of us against the foreigners/infidels

You can find some examples of this in Iraq now.
Old enemies have united against the "infidels"....
Well, see, that's the thing about middle eastern muslims. Left to their own devices they couldn't organize a closet, but give them a common enemy to unite against, and you've got trouble. If you really want to defeat them, just leave them alone till they get bored, and they will turn on each other. At least, that's what they've always done so far.

To "leave them alone" would mean to leave my country, so I guss ill just have to wait untill they get some sense
lol this time they decided not to reveal the new leaders name...

But honestly this time i think a shit load of terrorist attacks will happen

Well, after we killed Yassin they tried to do some damage and failed. By the way know their schdual well enough to find and kill them, finding out the new leader is easy....
The problem with peace is, someone has to be the first one to lay down their guns. Until you reach a point where you trust each other enough to do that, it will NEVER happen. And THAT's not going to happen. So maybe you will just have to kill every last one of them.