Kosovo conflict

Sorry that im out of the loop but i havent heard much on this got any links involving the story?
Do you have a link to the news story? I don't know what incident you are referring to. :?:
I still can't seem to find the story you're referring to, but I read several others there, are you anywhere near the riots? If so, keep yourself safe.
no,well im in capital of serbia 300 km from kosovo,and i ment on march incidents.Thanks for intrest
well,it was prety dangerous,i mean military only waited a go sign and then there would be a civil war.
Marksman said:
Yeah Albanians are nuts,they are just looking for exuse to attack kosovo serbs :rambo:

Keep it civil, Marksman, we will not allow any "bashing" of any nation OR ethnic/religious group on this forum.
Some were happy some didn't,but mostly were happy cuz he didn't brought stability on kosovo anyway.