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I have a Korean War question here for everybody. Lets see how fast we can get somebody to answer this one. Sorry I don't have enough milbucks to award...maybe in the future when I get more established here I will be able to that. Well here it is.

What was "The Sunken Garden Incident"?

Please be as in depth as possible.
Its another border incident involving a defector at Panjumanin

A diplomat from the Soviet Union visiting Panmunjom suddenly ran across the MDL yelling, "Please save me? It's called the "Matusak Incident? That morning at about 11:30, one Soviet visitor, who was taking pictures of the MAC meeting room, suddenly ran over the MDL and asked for help.

The North Korean guards fired warning shots in an attempt to stop the man from running away. Guards from the UNC Security Force took him into custody and sheltered him. The North Korean guards chased after the man crossing approximately 150 meters across the MDL.

An armed conflict began in front of the pond that was located in front of the Freedom House at that time. The exchanging fires lasted about 30 minutes and the defector was safely removed from the scene. Seventeen North Korean guards crossed over the line; three were killed and five were wounded. On the UNC side, one South Korean guard, Private 1st Class Chang Myung Gi was killed and one U.S. soldier was injured. After the firefight ended, the North Koreans took the bodies of their dead and wounded back to their side with the consent of UNC.

The defector, Matusak, took the refugee in the United States as a political exile. The UNC Security Battalion erected a monument at the site in memory of Private 1st Class Chang Myung Gi and named a building at Camp Bonifas "Chang Barracks" to remember his sacrifice.

Exactly what I was looking for Mark Conley. Sorry I don't have anything to give you for that awesome and quick answer. Excellent job!
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Exactly what I was looking for Mark Conley. Sory I don't have anything to give you for that awesome and quick answer. Excellent job!

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Ok heres a tricky one for you guys.
Who fought the battle at the "Apple Orchard"?

Korean air war, now that is interesting to read about.
77SQN RAAF deployed right from the start with WWII mustangs. Did a great job too until the Migs showed up.
Converted to meteors then sabres. ]
Thats 3 AC types in one police action.
There is a new movie coming out about the Korean War, and from the preview I saw it appears it was made in South Korea.