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have a lot here - will post them bit by bit :)

Reginald Thompson (British Journalist) regarding the Australians at the Battle of the Apple Orchard 1951.

Man to Man and all things equal, the Australians proved themselves worth a score or more of the enemy in honest facts and figures. The presence of the American Paratroopers, absolutely raw and untrained, just over the hill beyond the enemy had prevented the Australians from using support. They didn't need it anyway.

Meanwhile the Paratroopers had landed unopposed, wounding and killing a few of each other with their wild shooting and accounting for several unarmed civilians

and another later on about the same battle..

No account of these operations fails to tell of the spectacular insertion by parachute of the 187th American Airborne Regiment at Sukchon and Sunchon but a reader will search in vain for mention of how the Americans came disastrously unstuck and were rescued from disaster by the Australians. Relying solely upon their own small arms and mortars, 3 Batallion's forward companies tore into a whole regiment of North Koreans and annihilated them while the US Army's elite troops stood in awe and watched
Those just warm the cockles of your heart, don't they? :wink: Doesn't sound like that journalist cared much for us.

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thanks guys, i'm no longer in the Army here unfortunately :(

i saw all those USMC comments and just had to bring you guys back to earth a little bit.

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I wonder if there are any non Australian sources that can back that up?

The journalist.

Who was British :roll:

lol sorry, it was just made up - Americans are the best soldiers in the world :lol:
I figured as much. America has surely made a fool of herself in battle at one time or another, but she ain't that lousy at fighting!
Aussies...and Brits

Don't kid yourself. The boys from Down Under have acquitted themselves nicely in every combat situation they faced. Likewise, the Brits and the Scots. I've had some blokes at my back, and I'd trust them until Hell meets the sea. Us Americans may be some bad boys, but they don't raise up many cowards down under, or in the Isles.

Among the Koreans fighting in the Korean war (The 1st Army did splendidly after McArthur landed in Pusan and the Marines did well throughout but there never was enough of them), the highest regards have always gone to the Americans and to the Turks.
Then again, most probably didn't know Australians to Americans.
its no point saying "the ____ are great fighters" or "the ____ always account well in battle" men (and women) from everywhere will be brilliant warriors if the situation calls for it and they have the will and the training. we are all the one world and we share a lot in common