Knife attacks.


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A boy died last night just a few miles from my home. He is another statistic in the rising numbers of knife killings in the UK.
A posting in a martial arts forum asked, 'What to do about knife attacks?'
I replied (because I am qualified) that every martial arts teacher should have defence against knife attacks in his curriculum and the training should be as near as realistic as possible.
I couldn't believe my eyes when an instructor replied, 'Nonsense' and went on to talk shite about the subject. He justified his reasoning by saying it doesn't really happen where he lives.
This underlines the fact that many suberbanites think everyone is like them and everything in the world is rosy.
'Nonsense' lives somewhere in the south of the Emerald Isle.
I hope he doesn't visit downtown Liverpool at night.
avoid liverpool at night, certain areas of manchester at night, wigan and ashton for definite.

they're all painted up prettily, but there's a severe undercurrent of violence and drinking that you can't see...
My concerns are the same as Chris and Insomniac. This is where we are now. Unbelievable!

In 1950 Liverpool was a tough city, like Glasgow etc. But I sailed into these places as a kid, played hard, and when the pubs closed I often walked back to my ships alone through these areas. Liverpool from the Locarno and Grafton dance halls to the Pier Head, and then from there right along the dock road to bearth 97, a long cobbled mile or so. Sixteen years old and safe, perhaps a little drunk. Same in Glasgow, Hull, Middlesborough, Swansea, Newport. London was always a doddle, no problem.

We have been sold down the river by the neglect of weak- bellied politicians, and it is gonna get worse I am afraid, through divisive multi-culturalism.

The suicide of a culture. I just hope we can get our act together somehow and clean up our act.
Don't think like that Sevens. Just do what we Brits do when we go to Florida and other such holiday destinations... avoid the obvious.
Come and see my beautiful country before it changes too much. Come and see the history and culture before it changes to suit the invading hordes of Islamics.
One day I hope our Monarch appoints a real leader of this fair land before it is too late.
ChrisChance, try joining ARRSE (british ARmy Rumour SErvice)

it's a great forum... and there's certain political elements on there you may like.

Sevens, it's not that bad. just generally keep away from dark alleys and large gangs. The usual tourist stuff. And wigan is a great place to visit if you have an interest in industrialism etc, but again, avoid groups of people and Wigan Park at night.

If you're daft enough to come up north where it's cold ;p
I've been to England many times and I still have a few friends there, though hung out mostly around the West Midlands.
Just avoid stuff at night. Avoid places where people don't go. And yeah, especially parks. Night time is normally bad news unless you're going somewhere that's lit up well and full of people.
Wouldn't really be a frequent destination point for me if I didn't have friends living there. If you're interested in history, especially military history and history of colonization etc., England is a great destination. Lots of great tours and museums.
There's a popular chant... "What a bloody sh*t hole" sung by the away fans during football matches. They're usually right. Unfortunately.
Sevens - don't miss a visit. You wouldn't even notice what we complain of, because we want it put right. We have fantastic places to experience, whatever your interests, just like America has. It's just that we do not like to see it sliding downhill from such a high point.

Redneck, I have to admit that chant is a new one on me. Remember that most chants are humour based.
Well I know it's true because the Villa fans were singing it while away to Spurs. I had to be quiet because I was sitting in the Spurs section (bought the tickets at the gates so...)
also, don't forget the old footy chant:

"we all hate leeds scum!"

belting that out on a matchday in wigan, a load of manchester united and wigan fans all singing it alongside each other.. wigan got battered in that match, there was a real sense of violence afterwards. seen more than one police dog with blood on it's teeth.
Well I know it's true because the Villa fans were singing it while away to Spurs. I had to be quiet because I was sitting in the Spurs section (bought the tickets at the gates so...)

Well, as a life -long Spurs man, who stood at White Hart Lane since the late 1940's, I have to say today, unlike then, geographically the Villa fans were technically correct, so their chant in that case was accurate and, shall we say, ironic. If a chant has no substance and no humour it tends to fade quickly.

Some years ago Arsenal had a big bustling hard centre-forward, a goal scorer, Radford. So at Arsenal or White Hart Lane, the Tottenham chant was always 'Radford is a fairy'.

In one big game, Man U's top keeper, Bartez, suddenly fumbled a pass back and cost Man U a goal. The oppostion crowd, immediately, whenever Man U won the ball anywhere on the pitch, chanted, 'give it to Bartez'. Bartez never really enjoyed the same success after that.

Liverpool were thrashing Spurs at White Hart Lane 4-0 one day a few seasons ago, and the Liverpool crowd, humourus as always, were close to my section of Spurs fans and started chanting 'Tottenham -- S***!'. Almost at once they were joined by the Spurs fans 'Tottenham -- S***!'

I hate the thugs as much as anyone, but it ain't all bad. In fact our football scene is fantastic.

And of course, in actual fact, even Leeds has beautiful areas and brilliant shopping I understand, top they say. Of course, I speak as a London lad living in the countryside.

Here, all the problems I draw attention to regarding the ruination of my country, I do not experience now- the rot has not yet engulfed this part of the world. They are the burden of my fellow citizens, and I am with them, whether they want me or not!:)
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Actually Spurs smashed Villa like 5-1 or something that day. Spurs fans were doing their Soccer AM "Easy, Easy" thing and the Villa fans joined in.